See What Cloud Computing can do for You with CITI’s Free Cloud Migration Strategy

Wondering if the cloud is more than just hype? Considering moving your organization to the cloud? How can you tell if the cloud is right for your company? If you’re unsure whether the cloud is safe, or financially or technically feasible, take advantage of CITI’s free Cloud Migration Strategy. Leveraging our methodology, we’ll work with you to understand your options and possibilities with the cloud services for your business. CITI’s free Cloud Migration Strategy includes: 


  • Evaluating your costs and cost savings
  • Security in the cloud
  • Productivity for your unique business needs




If your company is thinking of eliminating company-owned servers in favour of the cloud, we'll discuss your options, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Office 365, and Amazon Web Services. 




CITI will also review your current infrastructure design and identify how the cloud would affect those areas. We’ll suggest ways that you could get maximum benefit out of the cloud:


  • Migrating your current IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • Noting whether or not your staff is using technology efficiently, and providing recommendations to improve employee utilization
  • Helping you understand your business from a cloud perspective




As part of your Cloud Migration Strategy, we’ll explore key areas of your IT systems, including disaster prevention and cybersecurity.