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We are offering a completely free 1-hour customized cybersecurity consultation! Learn strategies that will make your organization a much less attractive target for hackers and drastically reduce your vulnerability to attacks.


Learn the Basic Steps to IT Security


Basic steps to protect your organization:

    1. Close vulnerabilities: You may have a locked door but an open window. CITI will ensure that the basic things are in place that make your organization locked up and secure.
    2. Adopt best practices: We will go over the fundamental best practices for security, including software updates and patches, and the deployment of anti-virus, anti-malware software, and anti-spam software.


Hackers need a doorway. We will help you determine EXACTLY what needs to go through your IT doorway. And then we will suggest bricking up unneeded doors, reducing the size of the remaining doors, and then putting security on the doors. 


During your free 1-hour telephone consultation, we will make recommendations on:

    • A broad range of cybersecurity aspects at your organization,
    • Your existing security tools
    • Vulnerabilities of any personal computers connected to your network 
    • Corporate-managed systems vs non-corporate-owned systems
    • Discuss basic remedies and costs 

Also, you will have a chance to voice your own unique IT security concerns.


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