10 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services
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10 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

Building and maintaining a functional and efficient information technology (IT) infrastructure that meets your company's needs is a big task. The risks associated with mismanaging IT services are substantial. Not having the know-how or the capacity to properly monitor your network can often lead to devastating losses. Hiring a third-party IT services provider has many benefits that you should consider.

1. Cost Savings

One of the major benefits of outsourcing your IT is the money you will save in both the short- and long-term. Most managed IT services providers offer their services on a subscription basis, which means that you can select the areas for which they will assume responsibility. This eliminates the need to hire someone internally. This can be a big perk especially if your company is on the smaller side. IT service providers are also experts in the field and can help with removing unnecessary software or processes that you may be running and paying for without you knowing it. They can also help with cybersecurity, preventing costly attacks and financial extortion plots.

2. Cybersecurity

Increased cybersecurity is another major benefit of outsourcing your IT. As quickly as technology advances, cybercriminals always stay one step ahead. They are constantly looking for new schemes and glitches in software and network security to exploit for monetary or data gain. Keeping up with cybercriminals is hard work, and IT experts are skilled at staying on top of new trends and potential vulnerabilities in your network. They are able to pinpoint areas that need more strengthening and they will continue to monitor ways to keep you and your business safe.

3. Market Knowledge

Aside from cybersecurity risks, managed IT service providers are also skilled in the IT market in general. They are able to help reduce the risks that your company faces from outside sources such as economic conditions and government policies. They can then help you anticipate changes, manage the associated risks and keep your business operating at its most efficient.

4. Market Competitiveness

IT experts can also help your business increase a competitive edge. Again, by being experts in their field, they are able to spot trends and threats within the market and help keep your business moving forward.

5. Access to New Technology

As experts, IT service providers are the first to get their hands on new technology that could help your operations run more smoothly. They often have the answer to a problem you didn't even know you had. In addition, they often have some partnerships with certain vendors and can pass these beneficial new technologies along to you at a better price.

6. Around the Clock Protection

Let's say like most businesses, your company operates Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Within that timeframe you can probably notice pretty quickly if something has crashed or if something seems a bit off. But what happens after hours? By outsourcing your IT, and giving remote access to your services provider, you ensure that your operations are monitored around the clock. Ensuring that you are never disrupted and productivity remains high at all times. This remote assistance is also beneficial when something does need to be modified and updated, as they are able to complete these tasks on your off-hours.

7. Improve the Functionality of Your Network

Managing all of your software and processes and making sure they are up-to-date and functioning is often confusing, tedious and frustrating, and for that reason, often overlooked or neglected. On your personal at-home computer, you probably have a number of notifications for new updates that you have ignored. Now, imagine that on a grander and more pervasive scale. That's a lot of ignored update alerts! Keeping everything updated and running smoothly is imperative to keeping your business functionality high and your IT secure.

8. Improve Your Client Services

This works on two fronts. First, by having a well-rounded and secure network, you can ensure that communications with clients and customers remain safe and efficient. There are no glitches in your system that are actually breaches which provide access to your client database to criminal third parties. Second, this strong IT infrastructure helps ensure that you can always provide fast and quality customer service.

9. Boost Knowledge

Having someone on hand, around the clock to answer questions regarding your network can be a lifesaver. Experts can help you and your team become more educated in how your network and software functions. It's remarkable how much at ease you can feel knowing someone is there to answer your questions, however small. Managed IT services can also train your team about cybersecurity and the importance of maintaining good cyber hygiene.

10. Allow You to Focus on Your Core Business

Outsourcing your IT services to reputable provider ultimately lets you focus on running your business. They take care of all the backend logistics, and let you get back to what is important: building a growing and successful business.



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